Summer Vacation Ideas For Those Who Love the Outdoors

Summer Vacation Ideas For Those Who Love the Outdoors

Looking for some vacation ideas? Here are 15 budget-friendly vacation ideas to help you get out of the house without burning the pocketbook: Spend the Day at the Races on the Beach (Kevyncients – Beach Days) Spend the Day at the Aquarium (Pet Smart Aquarium) Go to Church (Orlando Eye Clinic – The Lens) Goes to the Park (MLS Diamond Back Park – Washington DC) Party at the Pizza Place (Tropical Cafe) Go to the Boardwalk (Ritz Carlton Hotel & Casino) Take a Day off from Work – You’re on your Holiday! (Hint: If you took a day off, you won’t have to spend it at the club).

So, get out the shades, dress up in your prettiest summer outfit, and get ready for a hot summer night on The Beach. You could be as thriftful as you please with this one. Your family will thank you!

A great summer vacation idea is a trolley tour of the city. A variety of local companies operate tours of various cities throughout the United States and in the Caribbean. A trolley tour of Myrtle Beach is sure to delight children, grown-ups, and especially the vacationer who like to learn new things every time they visit their destination.

Hot summer nights do not have to involve sizzling cigars and ice cream. There is much more to a good night on the town than a pack of cigarettes and a shot of tequila. Myrtle Beach offers a variety of adult and children’s activities that can fit the tastes of any traveler. The South Carolina Intracoastal is held every Tuesday night, and the Music on Parade is held every Saturday night.

A Myrtle Beach tour of the Intracoastal is sure to start with the beautiful Golf Course and ending with the beach at sunset. The Trolley Tour starts with a one-hour guided tour of the course followed by lunch in a gourmet restaurant. On a hot summer day, you will be treated to a spectacular sunset view over the ocean. For the kids, there is a special beachside musical show under the stars that has been held every year since 1998.

Another one of the hot summer vacation ideas is a trip to Delray Beach. Known for its year-round pleasant climate, Delray Beach offers a variety of activities for families. Family fun includes an annual Delray Beach Beer Garden, awning hop, or walking tour. During the day, you can visit the Folly Field where you can try your hand at white water rafting, kayaking, swimming, or just strolling and enjoying the beautiful sights. When the sun goes down, you can head back to the beach and enjoy an outdoor concert.

For a more unique vacation idea, consider taking your family to the Panama Canal. This seven-mile long waterway is filled with bridges, cruise ships, luxury yachts, and historic tall ships. You can also take a day trip, which starts at the Panama Canal and ends at the Florida Keys. Your days will be filled with excitement as you travel along this scenic waterway to discover the many cultures that make up the United States.

Other hot summer vacation ideas include staying in Grand Teton either with your entire family or on your own. There are a number of hotels in Grand Teton, some of which have cute little guesthouses on the slopes of the lofty mountains. If you would rather stay closer to home, you can find a number of beautiful bed and breakfast accommodations in the mountains that are within reasonable traveling distance from any of the main cities in Grand Teton. A lot of people who stay in Grand Teton find that they simply don’t want to leave their homes. So if you love the solitude of the outdoors and the warm hospitality of the people here, Grand Teton may be the perfect vacation spot for you.

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